About us

ARIA S.p.A. – Azienda Regionale per l’Innovazione e gli Acquisti di Regione Lombardia
The innovation and procurement regional Company of Lombardy Region

ARIA is the 100% owned Company of the Lombardy Region. 

Born on 1 July 2019 to rule public spending and driving the digital transformation of the Public Administration in Lombardy.
As stated by regional and national laws, ARIA comes from the merge of the two public Company of Lombardy Region:

ARCA S.p.A.: the Regional Procurement Company (Constituted in 2014)
Lombardia Informatica S.p.A.: the Digital Company and technological growth driver of the Lombardy Regional System (Constituted in 1980)

The result is a HUB of competences to support local authorities in the entire region. 

The Company acts as an interface for the requirements of Lombardy Region central authority and every Public Entity with head-office in Lombardy (such as the healthcare structures, regional companies and local governmental bodies) and the solutions offered by the market.

ARIA is citizen oriented. The Company operates as link among the Public Administration, the market, Citizens and Companies. The main purpose is to improve the quality of life and the competitiveness of the companies through innovation and purchases.  

We offer digital innovation to simplify and reduce bureaucracy for Citizens, Companies and Public Administrations.
The Region has been involved in a plan of digitalization of all the government activities and service delivery. ARIA has realized projects in the areas of e-Government and e-Health.
As IT partner of the Lombardy Region, ARIA designs and implements ICT Systems for the Regional Government and represents the unique interface between the Region and the marketplace.
The technological infrastructure of ARIA consists of a cutting-edge data processing centre that aligns the assets of Information Technology and business, creating a dynamic infrastructure which can improve services, reduce costs and manage risks.

ARIA has the capability to award framework agreements for goods, services and infrastructures

As a contracting authority on behalf of the Lombardy Region, ARIA main aims are:

  • optimize the supplying of goods, services and infrastructures;
  • support the planning of local government spending estimates;
  • simplify and standardize the procurement of goods and services, promoting the achievement of economies of scale, savings and an overall better quality;
  • promote and develop all over the region the green public procurement;
  • enhance transparency of the whole tendering procedure, towards both companies, Public Entities, citizens and every other stakeholder;
  • improve the sense of responsibility and control of public expenditure;
  • empower procurement personnel skills and know-how; promote a better match between demand side (Public bodies) and market side, especially supporting the participation of small and medium enterprises;


In order to achieve these goals, the Company cooperates with every other Public authority in the territory, developing specifically tailored governance techniques and agreements. Therefore, the vision of the whole project is to coherently empower the Public network in Lombardy Region and get the best practices developed to be high standards sustainable in the long run.

In the new path of procurement innovation started on 1 July 2019, the goal is to use the digital corporate skills to evolve the business model to an “Digital Information Hub”.

To bring real and effective innovation in the government of regional public spending, we are in fact adopting advanced digital systems and approaches to collect, process and analyse data.

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